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We have launched our first course Kianda Platform Foundation! More courses will follow later this year.

The Foundation course covers all you need to know to get started in digital process automation and no-code development.

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Citizen Developer

Sharpen your skills with no-code and low-code techniques that rival or augment advanced coding skills. Become a maker of digital solutions and a team here.

Citizen Developer

No-code development empowers citizen developers and IT to quickly and easily create business applications.

No-code platforms allow users to focus on creating business applications by using a toolset of prebuilt components, rules and actions, rather than developing everything from scratch.

Digital Leader

Developing apps from scratch can be expensive. Long gone are the days when business used to wait months or years to address their needs.

Deliver continuous improvements and increase user experience with user-friendly, responsive interfaces.

Software Developer

Developers create low-code business applications faster than ever before. 

Avoid the tedious and repetitive coding tasks by reusing expert designed blocks. Focus instead on added value business functions.

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